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Yan, Y., Sun, N., Li, F., Jia, X., Wang, C. & Chao, D. (2017). Multiple Stimuli-Responsive Fluorescence Behavior of Novel Polyamic Acid Bearing Oligoaniline, Triphenylamine, and Fluorene Groups. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 9 (7), 6497-6503.


Multiple stimuli-responsive fluorescent materials have gained increasing attention for their fundamental investigation and intelligent applications. In this work, we report design and synthesis of a novel polyamic acid bearing oligoaniline, triphenylamine, and fluorene groups, which served as sensitive units and fluorescence emission unit, respectively. The resulting polymer exhibits multiple stimuli-responsive fluorescence switching behavior triggered by redox species, pH, electrochemical, and pressure stimuli. Every fluorescence switching mechanism upon each stimulus was studied in detail. The interactions and energy transfer between sensitive units and emission unit are largely responsible for this fascinating fluorescent switching behavior. This work provides a deep understanding of the optical switching essence upon these stimuli, opening the way for the development of new fluorescent sensing applications.



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