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Zhang, L., Dou, S. Xue., Liu, H. Kun., Huang, Y. & Hu, X. (2016). Symmetric electrodes for electrochemical energy-storage devices. Advanced Science, 3 (12), 1600115-1-1600115-9.


Increasing environmental problems and energy challenges have so far attracted urgent demand for developing green and efficient energy-storage systems. Among various energy-storage technologies, sodium-ion batteries (SIBs), electrochemical capacitors (ECs) and especially the already commercialized lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are playing very important roles in the portable electronic devices or the next-generation electric vehicles. Therefore, the research for finding new electrode materials with reduced cost, improved safety, and high-energy density in these energy storage systems has been an important way to satisfy the ever-growing demands. Symmetric electrodes have recently become a research focus because they employ the same active materials as both the cathode and anode in the same energy-storage system, leading to the reduced manufacturing cost and simplified fabrication process. Most importantly, this feature also endows the symmetric energy-storage system with improved safety, longer lifetime, and ability of charging in both directions. In this Progress Report, we provide the comprehensive summary and comment on different symmetric electrodes and focus on the research about the applications of symmetric electrodes in different energy-storage systems, such as the above mentioned SIBs, ECs and LIBs. Further considerations on the possibility of mass production have also been presented.



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