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Sayyar, S., Murray, E., Gambhir, S., Spinks, G., Wallace, G. G. & Officer, D. L. (2016). Synthesis and characterization of covalently linked graphene/chitosan composites. JOM, 68 (1), 384-390.


Chitosan, a naturally derived polysaccharide, was covalently linked to chemically converted graphene (CCG) and the properties of the resulting composites were investigated. The composites were prepared using a stable dispersion of CCG in aqueous solvent. The CCG sheets are stabilised in solution by a small number of peripheral charged groups that can be used to form amide linkages with the polymer matrix. Apart from processability and swellability, the synthesized composites exhibited improved mechanical properties and conductivity by the addition of graphene. Graphene incorporation also introduced a control over the extent of swelling in the composites. The synthesized graphene/composites are promising materials for a variety of applications, for example as conducting substrates for the electrically stimulated growth of cells.



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