Metal-organic deposition of biaxially textured CeO2-based buffer layers



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Kim, Y, Yoo, J, Chung, K, Wang, X & Dou, SX (2009), Metal-organic deposition of biaxially textured CeO2-based buffer layers, Materials Letters, 63(9-10), pp. 800-802.


Biaxially textured CeO2-based oxide films with crack-free and smooth surface were prepared by metal-organic deposition (MOD) on Ni-W alloy tapes after annealing. In this study, addition of B2O3-based precursors to precursor solution and their effects on crystallinity and surface roughness of the CeO2-based oxide films were investigated. As the amount of added B2O3-based precursors increased, the relative intensity of CeO2 (200) peak was monotonously increased and much smoother surface was obtained. Microcracks in CeO2 films were successfully suppressed by substituting gadolinium for part of cerium in the CeO2 films. In addition to this, a biaxially textured Ce0.75Gd0.25O2-4.5% B2O3 film (Δθ = 4.8°, Δϕ = 7.4°) with smooth surface (Rq = 2.7 nm) was successfully grown on the Ni-W tape after annealing at 900 °C.

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