The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) is one of the UAE’s oldest and most prestigious universities with a proud, Australian heritage. Established in 1993 by the University of Wollongong in Australia, UOWD represented a very early Australian initiative in the UAE. From a small beginning at Almullah Plaza, through its landmark presence at Jumeirah Beach Road and to its current location at Dubai Knowledge Village, UOWD is recognized as being an integral part of Dubai. Today, as an independent UAE institution of higher education, UOWD attracts students not just from the UAE and Australia but from all over the world. Approximately 2,500 students comprising more than 80 nationalities are currently enrolled at UOWD and enjoy a quality academic experience.


Papers from 2018


Muslim youth and consumerism: a study of Islamic street wear, Imene Ajala

Detecting Malware Domains: A Cyber-Threat Alarm System, Khalifa AlRoum, Abdulhakim Alolama, Rami Kamel, May El Barachi, and Monther Aldwairi

The relative influence of functional versus imagery beliefs on brand sensitivity in B2B professional services, Riza Casidy, Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo, Mayoor Mohan, and Brian Brown

Investigating entrepreneurial success factors of women-owned SMEs in UAE, Namrata Gupta and Anita Mirchandani

Tax haven networks and the role of the Big 4 accountancy firms, Chris Jones, Yama Temouri, and Alex Cobham

Critical success factors of innovation and creativity for global entrepreneurs, Flevy Lasrado

The role of contingency factors on the relationship between sustainability practices and organizational performance, Matjaz Maletic, Damjan Maletic, and Bostjan Gomiscek

A modified antipodal vivaldi antenna (AVA) with elliptical slotting edge (ESE) for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications, H Nornikman, MohamedFareq AbdulMalek, Badrul Ahmad, Obada Al Khatib, Mohamad Zoinol Abi Aziz, Hasliza Rahim, Ying W. Soon, M Muslimah, R Syazwany, H Salimi, M Amirul, and Muhmamad Azizi

Impact of institutions on emerging European high-growth firms, Vijay Pereira and Yama Temouri

Papers from 2017


Hybridization of Strength Pareto Multiobjective Optimization with Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Rectangular Array, Khairul Najmy Abdul Rani, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, Hasliza Rahim, Neoh Siew Chin, and Alawiyah Abd Wahab


Effects of perceived cost, service quality, and customer satisfaction on health insurance service continuance, Taghreed Abu-Salim, Okey Peter Onyia, Tina S. Harrison, and Valerie J. Lindsay


Performance-based contracting for PACS implementation in hospitals: A SWOT analysis, Taghreed Abu-Salim and Alastair Watson


From Islamic Dress and Islamic Fashion to Cool Islam: An Exploration of Muslim Youth Hybrid Identities in the West, Imene Ajala


Open-source based testbed for multioperator 4G/5G infrastructure sharing in virtual environments, Ricardo Alaez, Jose Alcaraz Calero, Qi Wang, Fatna Belqasmi, May El Barachi, Mohamad Badra, and Omar Alfandi


Impact of electromagnetic radiation exposure during pregnancy on embryonic skeletal development in rats, Ali Saeed Alchalabi, Erkihun Aklilu, Abd Rahman Aziz, Hasliza Rahim, Suzanna Ronald, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, and M A. Khan

Intercultural Communication Theories and Public Relations Practice, Lisa Anderson-Meli and Swapna Koshy

Evaluation of user participation capabilities in demand response programs for smart home applications, Ugonna R. Anuebunwa, Haile-Selassie Rajamani, Prashant Pillai, and Oghenovo Okpako

Assessing the green supply chain management for the United Arab Emirates construction industry, Sreejith Balasubramanian and Balan Sundarakani


Do consumers consider Word of Mouth for crucial life decisions?, Ali Bhayani

A Connected Future, Soly Mathew Biju and Alex Mathew


Comparative analysis of selected big data analytics tools, Soly Mathew Biju and Alex Mathew

Drivers and outcomes of relationship quality with professional service firms: An SME owner-manager perspective, Riza Casidy and Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo

A novel approach to frequency support in a wind integrated power system, M Deepak, Rajesh Abraham, Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt, David Greenwood, and Haile-Selassie Rajamani

The global recession and the shift to re-shoring: Myth or reality?, Agelos Delis, Nigel Driffield, and Yama Temouri

Does offshore outsourcing impact home employment? Evidence from service multinationals, Nigel Driffield, Vijay Pereira, and Yama Temouri


Physical Audio Digital Filters, Stefano Fasciani

Health marketing in an emerging market: The critical role of signaling theory in breast cancer awareness, Judith Fletcher-Brown, Vijay Pereira, and Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo

Inverse source data-processing strategies for radio-frequency localization in indoor environments, Gianluca Gennarelli, Obada Al Khatib, and Francesco Soldovieri

Conformal dual-band textile antenna with metasurface for WBAN application, Fatin Nabilah Giman, Ping J. Soh, Mohd Jamlos, Herwansyah Lago, Azremi Abdullah Al-Hadi, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, and Nidhal Abdulaziz


Parameters extraction of unified power quality conditioner on the calculation of a membership function, Ahmed M. Haidar, Chellali Benachaibab, Norhuzaimin Julaia, and MohamedFareq AbdulMalek

Human freedom and divine sovereignty: Muslim perspectives, Feras Hamza

Hybrid obesity monitoring model using sensors and community engagement, Saad Harous, Mohamed A. Serhani, Mohamed El Menshawy, and Abdelghani Benharref

Experimental design of the effects of RF shielded hat on Electroenc Ephalo Gram (EEG) of cameraman, Nurbaizatul Hisham, Hasliza Rahim, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, Muzammil Jusoh, Fairul Fuad, and Asmi Romli


Reduction of cavity length dependence and improvement of characteristics of 1.55 μm quantum dot based LASER using indium nitride, M A. Humayun, S Khan, A H. M. Z Alam, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, and Md Afzalur Rashid


Improvement of temperature dependence of carrier characteristics of quantum dot solar cell using InN quantum dot, M A. Humayun, S Khan, A H. M. Z Alam, M Yaacob, MohamedFareq AbdulMalek, and Md Afzalur Rashid


Comparative analysis of the effect of temperature on band-gap energy of gallium nitride and its stability beyond room temperature using Bose-Einstein model and Varshni's model, Md Abdullah Al Humayun, Ahm Zahirul Alam, Sheroz Khan, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, and Mohd Abdur Rashid


The Use of Linkedin as a Recruitment Tool in the UAE: An Evaluation, I Ismail and Swapna Koshy

A performance evaluation of an entity in the growing life cycle by means of income and cash flows, Leonie Jooste

Comparing ethical perceptions of accounting students, Leonie Jooste


Electromagnetic modelling of bundle of single-walled carbon nanotubes with circular geometry for antenna applications, Yaseen Jurn, MohamedFareq AbdulMalek, Hasliza Rahim, Sawsen Mahmood, and Wei Liu

What category are they anyway?: proposing a new taxonomy for factors that may influence students' likelihood to e-cheat, Zeenath Reza Khan


STEM For Girls From Low Income Families: Making Dreams Come True, Zeenath Reza Khan and Gwendolyn Rodrigues


Ethical Consumerism and Apparel Industry - Towards a New Factor Model, Zeenath Reza Khan, Gwendolyn Rodrigues, and Sreejith Balasubramanian

Perceived benefits of national quality awards: a study of UAE's award winning organizations, Flevy Lasrado

Social identity and environmental citizenship in multinational corporations: an exploratory investigation and future research directions, Flevy Lasrado and Bimal Arora

Effectiveness of employee suggestion schemes - from critical success factors to outcomes, Flevy Lasrado, Bostjan Gomiscek, and Christopher Uzbeck

The excellence quest: a study of business excellence award-winning organizations in UAE, Flevy Lasrado and Christopher Uzbeck

Promoting brand engagement behaviors and loyalty through perceived service value and innovativeness, Civilai Leckie, Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo, and Lester W. Johnson

Computational Thinking (CT) and Rebel Game Design: CT in Health Games, H C. Lim

A short proof of the McCoy conjecture in higher-dimensional classical continuous models of Kac types, Assane Lo


Contribution of live working to the quality, safety, efectiveness and efficiency of the maintenance processes, Viktor Lovrencic, Alenka Brezavscek, Milos Pantos, and Bostjan Gomiscek

Safety management in healthcare by means of live working, Viktor Lovrencic, Bostjan Gomiscek, and Mario Perla

Study on the quality management and health and safety aspects on perceived live working implementation dimensions, Viktor Lovrencic, Milos Pantos, Damjan Maletic, Matjaz Maletic, Alenka Brezavscek, and Bostjan Gomiscek


Towards Automated Optimization of Web Interfaces and Application to E-commerce, Aoun Lutfi and Stefano Fasciani

The impact of online social games on E-learning usage among female students, Alaa Mahmood, Shafiz Affendi Mohd Yusof, and Muhammad Jambak


Contingency Factors Influencing Implementation of Physical Asset Management Practices, Damjan Maletic, Matjaz Maletic, Basim Al-Najjar, Katerina Gotzamani, Maria Gianni, T B. Kalinowski, and Bostjan Gomiscek

Theorising enterprise human capital training for India's information technology (IT) sector, Ashish Malik and Vijay Pereira

The role of HRM practices in product development: Contextual ambidexterity in a US MNC's subsidiary in India, Ashish Malik, Vijay Pereira, and Shlomo Tarba

Implementing global-local strategies in a post-GFC era: Creating an ambidextrous context through strategic choice and HRM, Ashish Malik, Paresha Sinha, Vijay Pereira, and Chris Rowley

Learning temporal ambiguity in web search queries, Behrouz Mansouri, Mohammad Zahedi, Masoud Rahgozar, Farhad Oroumchian, and Ricardo Campos

Timely trust: The use of IoT and cultural effects on swift trust formation within global virtual teams, Shafiz Affendi Mohd Yusof, Norhayati Zakaria, and Nursakirah Muton

Active distribution networks planning with high penetration of wind power, Geev Mokryani, Yim Hu, Prashant Pillai, and Haile-Selassie Rajamani

A perspective on multinational enterprise's national identity dilemma, Surender Munjal, Pawan S. Budhwar, and Vijay Pereira

The determinants of franchise brand loyalty in B2B markets: An emerging market perspective, Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo, Margaret J. Metanda, and Rajesh Rajaguru

Virtual Wardrobe Management System, Seun Kola Olowokintan, Jashmeh Bhagwagar, Fay Al Braich, Avinash Sequeira, Abdulrahman Abubakar, and Soly Mathew Biju

The organic industry in Australia: Current and future trends, Barry O'Mahony and Antonio Lobo

Impact of Service Value on Satisfaction and Repurchase Intentions in Business-to-Business Cloud Computing, Roland S. Padilla, Simon K. Milton, Lester W. Johnson, and Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo

Corporate social responsibility and multinational enterprise identity: insights from a mining company's attempt to localise in Ghana, Swetketu Patnaik, Yama Temouri, James Tuffour, Shlomo Tarba, and Sanjay Kumar Singh

Journal editors as philosopher kings: duties and responsibilities of academics in a changing world, Vijay Pereira

Colonial hangover? A case of multiple cross-cultural influences on Indian Railways, Vijay Pereira and Ashish Malik

Identities in transition: the case of emerging market multinational corporations and its response to glocalisation, Vijay Pereira and Ashish Malik

Mapping the impact of Asian business systems on HRM and organisational behaviour: multi-level comparative perspectives, Vijay Pereira, Ashish Malik, and Fabian Jintae Froese


On body characterization for on-body radio propagation channel using wearable textile monopole antenna, Hasliza Rahim, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, Ping J. Soh, Nurbaizatul Hisham, Asmi Romli, Khatijjahhusna Abd Rani, Che Muhammad Nor Che Isa, Fairul Afza, and Ahmad Fuad


Measurement of dielectric properties of textile substrate, Hasliza Rahim, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, Ping J. Soh, Asmi Romli, Khatijjahhusna Abd Rani, Che Muhammad Nor Che Isa, and Fairul Fuad

Evaluation of a broadband textile monopole antenna performance for subject-specific on-body applications, Hasliza Rahim, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, Ping J. Soh, and G Vandenbosch


Public opinion and Agenda Setting in the UAE National News: A quantitative content analysis, Aneesha Rai, Racha Raya, Mitri Hajjar, and Swapna Koshy

Design of multiple-layer microwave absorbing structure based on rice husk and carbon nanotubes, Lee Yeng Seng, F Wee, Hasliza Rahim, MohamedFareq AbdulMalek, Y You, Z Liyana, and A Ezanuddin

New algorithms for processing time-series big EEG data within mobile health monitoring systems, Mohamed A. Serhani, Mohamed El Menshawy, Abdelghani Benharref, Saad Harous, and Alramzana Nujum Navaz

The effect of TQM on organisational performance: empirical evidence from the textile sector of a developing country using SEM, Muhammad Shafiq, Flevy Lasrado, and Khalid Hafeez

Leveraging the common and outsourcing the distinct: institutional difference and multinational company identity in emerging economies, Narender Sharma, Brendan Boyle, Rebecca Mitchell, Ashish Malik, Sidney J. Gray, and Barry O'Mahony

Dural identity process for virtual community participation and impact of gender composition, Kathy Ning Shen, Fang Zhao, and Mohamed Khalifa


The UAE's Tryst with Anime: An Evaluation, Maitha Shuhail and Swapna Koshy


Interaction between the transport of dangerous goods and soft law, Monica Stanchi, Ioannis Manikas, and Petros Ieromonachou

Emirates Airline Operations : Globalization Effect, Balan Sundarakani


Study of Safety Aspects in Handling Hazardous Material Transportation in the Middle East, Balan Sundarakani


Transforming Dubai Logistics Corridor into a Global Logistics Hub, Balan Sundarakani

How do alternative strategic orientations influence social media performance?, Michael J. Valos, Felix T. Mavondo, and Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo


Destination Marketing Using a Sport, Prakash Vel, Aakash M. Shah, and Farhina Fakhir

Innovative virtual and collaborative teaching methodologies, Mohamed K. Watfa and Diana M. Audi


Potential of Nanocellulose Composite for Electromagnetic Shielding, Nurul Fatihah Nabila Yah, Hasliza Rahim, Yeng Lee, Weefwen Hoon, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, Nik Adilah Hanin Zahri, and Hayati Hasibuan Zainal


How questions are posed to a search engine An empiricial analysis of question queries in a large scale Persian search engine log, Mohammad Zahedi, Behrouz Mansouri, Shiva Moradkhani, Mojgan Farhoodi, and Farhad Oroumchian

Emergent Patterns of Switching Behaviors and Intercultural Communication Styles of Global Virtual Teams During Distributed Decision Making, Norhayati Zakaria

Environment is free; but it’s not a gift, Keivan Zokaei, Ioannis Manikas, and Hunter Lovins

Operation and planning of distribution networks with integration of renewable distributed generators considering uncertainties: A review, Rana Zubo, Geev Mokryani, Haile-Selassie Rajamani, Jamshid Aghaei, Taher Niknam, and Prashant Pillai

Papers from 2016

Design of a 5.2 GHz circularly polarized textile patch antenna for on/off body radio propagation channel evaluation, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, Nidhal Abdulaziz, Habibur Rahman, Hasliza Rahim, M Fie, and Ping J. Soh

Double band microwave rectifier for energy harvesting, Ismahayati Adam, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, Mohd Yasin, and Hasliza Rahim


Foreign Terrorist Fighters: Perspectives from Islamic Organizations in France and Great Britain, Imene Ajala, Francesco Candino, and Linda Fouad

OLFinder: Finding opinion leaders in online social networks, Abolfazl Aleahmad, Payam Karisani, Masoud Rahgozar, and Farhad Oroumchian


Dimming control in visible light communication using RPO-OFDM and concatenated RS-CC, Afrah Ali and Nidhal Abdulaziz

A relational understanding of work-life balance of Muslim migrant women in the west: future research agenda, Faiza Ali, Ashish Malik, Vijay Edward Pereira, and Akram Al Ariss