Papers from 1997


Computer control of machines with friction for precise motion, Simon Webb, Zheng Li, and Christopher David Cook

Improving the behaviour of cohesive fluidised beds, P. C. Wright and Judy A. Raper

Improving the behaviour of gas-solid fluidised beds by the addition of liquids, P. C. Wright and Judy A. Raper


Travelling in the Slow Lane of the Information Highway, Heather Yeatman and Ray Stace

Papers from 1996

Environmental Management Geo-Water and Engineering Aspects


Developing reflective practice in the education of university teachers, Maureen Bell and Max Gillett


Minimal and Maximal Critical Sets in Room Squares, Ghulam Rasool Chaudhry and Jennifer Seberry


Secret Sharing schemes based on Room squares, Ghulam Rasool Chaudhry and Jennifer Seberry


Geological and land instability mapping using a GIS package as a building block for the development of a risk assessment procedure, R N. Chowdhury and P N. Flentje

An investigation of the use of research by practice nurses, Patrick A. Crookes

Personal bereavement and registered general nurses, Patrick A. Crookes

The development of professional and academic excellence in nurses, midwives and health visitors, Patrick A. Crookes

The family nurse - some implications for personal bereavement, Patrick A. Crookes

Ecological constraints to the deployment of arthropod resistant crop plants: A cautionary tale, J C. Daly and Paul W. Wellings

The yellow sugarcane aphid: A potential threat to the Australian sugar industry, P J. deBarro, P G. Allsopp, and Paul W. Wellings

A hitchhiker's guide to virtual CIM , Robert de Souza and Trevor A. Spedding


Computer and information literacy skills for professional engineering educators, Parviz Doulai and Helen Mandl


Preparation and validation of digital maps of geology and slope instability, P N. Flentje and R N. Chowdhury


A Systematic Approach to Improving University Teaching, Max Gillett and Maureen E. Bell

Performance auditing and performance improvement in government: public sector management reform, changing accountabilities and the role of performance audit, John J. Glynn

Accountability in the NHS, John Glynn and David Perkins

Control and accountability in the NHS market, John Glynn and David Perkins


Validity of methods and measurement in alumina trihydrate precipitation, J. A. Greenwood, Judy A. Raper, and K. L. Graham


Replicating the Kuperee authentication server for increased security and reliability, Thomas Hardjono


Design and security issues in strongbox systems for the internet, Thomas Hardjono and Jennifer Seberry


Strong boxes for electronic commerce, Thomas Hardjono and Jennifer Seberry


Global Telerobotics: Exploring Effective Internet Access to Robots, Simon Hartfiel, Susan Hartfiel, and Leone Dunn


Pass the Plate Around Again: A Study of Budgeting in a Local Church, H. J. Irvine

The Study of Airborne Particulate Filtration Using a Thin Ceramic Composite membrane Filter, Y M. Jo and Judy A. Raper

Microfracturing process and failure zone development in jointed amphibolite rock as observed from Spatio-temporal distribution of AE hypocenters and surface strain mapping, Shivakumar Karekal, M.V. M. S Rao, K Kusunose, and O Nishizawa

The Tale of 'The Night Hawk Star': A Cross-Cultural Analysis of a Picture Book, Helen Kilpatrick

How Well Do We Practice What We Preach? An Evaluation of Teleteaching '96., Geraldine Lefoe, Robert M. Corderoy, and Sandra Wills


Far-infrared measurements of cyclotron resonance and impurity transitions in bulk n-GaAs in pulsed magnetic fields, R A. Lewis, R J. Heron, R G. Clark, R P. Starrett, and A V. Skougarevsky

GIS, spatial statistical graphics, and forest health, J Majure, Noel A. Cressie, Dianne Cook, and J Symanzik

Responding to hate in a multicultural society: forms of legal intervention, Luke McNamara


Texture analysis using Gabor wavelets, Golshah Naghdy, Jianli Wang, and Philip Ogunbona

The role of rapid mixing in coagulation, K. H. Ng, Rose Amal, and Judy A. Raper

Estimation of crack density of heat-soaked granite using ultrasonics, M. V. M. S Rao, D S N Murthy, G Nagaraja Rao, G M Nagaraja Rao, Shivakumar Karekal, and S Udayakumar

Sampling of Particulate Solids, Judy A. Raper

Comparative protection from photocarcinogenesis by two UVB-absorbers matched for SPF in Hairless mice, V E. Reeve and Caroline A. Kerr

Wastewater Quality Management in Coal Mines in the Illawarra region, Raghu N. Singh, Dharmappa Hagare, and Muttucumaru Sivakumar


Continuidade, Communidade e Contexto: Importancia na Pesquisa e Avaliacao da Educacao na Primeira Infancia, Iram Siraj-Blatchford

Solidification of Flyash Waste with Clay-Shale, Muttucumaru Sivakumar and C A. Paterson

Recruiting participants to a qualitative study, Victoria Traynor


New wavelet based ART network for texture classification, Jiazhao Wang, Golshah Naghdy, and Philip O. Ogunbona

The role of public policy in biological control: Some global trends, Paul W. Wellings


Carrington: Community of difference?, Hilary Winchester, Pauline M. McGuirk, Angela Parkes, and Kevin M. Dunn

Examination of a Dispersed Liquid-phase three-phase Spouted Bed for Possible use as a Biofilter, P C. Wright and Judy A. Raper

Papers from 1995

Protecting the Future - ESD in Action


Heterocoagulation of hematite particles, G. Bushell, Rose Amal, V. Nassif, and Judy A. Raper

The development of professional and academic excellence in nurses, midwives and health visitors, Patrick A. Crookes

What is nursing research?, Patrick A. Crookes

Why don't nurses use research?, Patrick A. Crookes


Industrial computer vision using undefined feature extraction, Phil Evans, John A. Fulcher, and Philip Ogunbona

A new model for reservoir sedimentation, M Ghomeshi and Muttucumaru Sivakumar

Differential gender outcomes for adolescent participants following an extended sojourn to the Australian bush, Tonia L. Gray and John W. Patterson


New normal sequences of length 25, Marc Gysin and Jennifer Seberry

Wastewater minimisation and re-use in the mining industry in Illawarra Region, Dharmappa (Dharma) Hagare, Muttucumaru Sivakumar, and Raghu N. Singh


Information security in mobile databases, Thomas Hardjono and Jennifer Seberry


Information security issues in mobile computing, Thomas Hardjono and Jennifer Seberry


Equitable access to education for young homeless people, Valerie Harwood and Ruth Phelan


Mine boundary detection using Markov random field models, Xia Hua, Jennifer L. Davidson, and Noel A. Cressie

The mindlessness of computationalism: The neglected aspects of cognition, Daniel Hutto

Personal empowerment: strategies to develop and evaluate interventions, Donald C. Iverson, T B. Sahay, and F D. Ashbury

Small Angle Light Scattering used to Measure Floc Structure, S B. Jung, Rose Amal, and Judy A. Raper


Study of effects of shearing on floc structure, S. B. Jung, Rose Amal, and Judy A. Raper

Rock mechanics investigation for site characterization of nuclear waste repository, Shivakumar Karekal and N M. Raju

Deformability and strength of granite under the influence of stress, temperature, rate of loading and water environment, Shivakumar Karekal and G M Nagaraja Rao

Evaluation of Sunscreens' ability to protect against UVR-induced immunosuppression, Caroline A. Kerr, M Bosnic, R B. Cope, C Boehm-Wilcox, and V E. Reeve

Surface topography evolution of powder formed Al-Li composites during lubricated sliding wear, P Lee-Sullivan, Trevor Spedding, and F Y. C Boey


The state and the Communist Party of Australia: surveillance of dissident politics, 1945-55, Glenn Mitchell

Floor failure induced by lateral stress ahead of longwall supports, Jan Anton Nemcik, Buddhima Indraratna, and Najdat I. Aziz

Effects of Fulvic Acid on Flocculation and Dewaterability of Aluminium Hydroxide Flocs, K H. Ng, Rose Amal, Judy A. Raper, H Bustamanti, and T D Waite

Fundamental Concepts in Particle Sizing, Judy A. Raper

The Development of a Business Skills Course for Chemical Engineering Undergraduates Based on Use of the UNSW Pilot Plant, Judy A. Raper


Relating Nonlinearity to Propagation Characteristics, Jennifer Seberry, Xian-Mo Zhang, and Yuliang Zheng


Relationship among Nonlinearity Criteria, Jennifer Seberry, Xian-Mo Zhang, and Yuliang Zheng


Structures of cryptographic functions with strong avalanche characteristics, Jennifer Seberry, Xian-Mo Zhang, and Yuliang Zheng


New feature-based image adaptive vector quantisation coder, Jamshid Shanbehzadeh and Philip O. Ogunbona

Effect of fine suspended solids on bubbleless aeration, C C. Shiau and Muttucumaru Sivakumar

Application IT to site water for pollution control, Raghu N. Singh, Muttucumaru Sivakumar, and A S. Atkins

Modelling stormwater event mean concentration, Muttucumaru Sivakumar

Nutrient washoff algorithms for urban catchments, Muttucumaru Sivakumar and S Boroumand-Nasab

Pollutograph modelling of an impervious catchment, Muttucumaru Sivakumar, S Boroumand-Nasab, and Raghu N. Singh

Analysis of phosphorous in the Nepean River using Turbidity and Electrical conductivity, Muttucumaru Sivakumar and S H. Musavi-Jahromi

Bubbleless aeration - A new concept in aeration technology, Muttucumaru Sivakumar and C C. Shiau

Modelling of thermal stratification in Avon Reservoir, Muttucumaru Sivakumar and Ping Sun

Experiences of using multimedia for teaching a post graduate course in computer integrated manufacture , Trevor A. Spedding and Robert de Souza

A multimedia system for teaching the discrete event simulation of manufacturing systems, Trevor A. Spedding, Robert de Souza, and K L. Chan

An international perspective of manufacturing, Trevor A. Spedding, L H. S Luong, and R F. O'Connor

Development of a hypermedia system for teaching statistical process control, Trevor A. Spedding and B J. Stone

Application of discrete event simulation to the activity based costing of manufacturing systems, G W. Sun, Trevor A. Spedding, and C M. Lee

Modelling of Iron and Manganese cycles in a stratified lake, Ping Sun and Muttucumaru Sivakumar

The Use of a Novel Three Phase Fluidised Bed as a Possible Biofiltration System for Odour Control, P C. Wright and Judy A. Raper

Papers from 1994

Particle Characterisation in Ceramic Processing, Rose Amal and Judy A. Raper

Spatial chemostatistics, Noel A. Cressie


Texture analysis using partially ordered markov models, Jennifer Davidson, Ashit Talukder, and Noel A. Cressie

Hypertext based discrete event simulation, Robert de Souza and Trevor A. Spedding

A hypertext approach to the practice of discrete event simulation, Robert de Souza, Trevor A. Spedding, and H Y. Lum

Note on robot control system performance evaluation, B J. Evans, Christopher D. Cook, and Geoffrey W. Trott