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This report was originally published as Keys, CL, A dissection of settlement change in New South Wales: cases and implications, Wollongong Studies in Geography No.9, Department of Geography, University of Wollongong, 1980, 4p.


The previous paper in this series identified the emergence of an apparently new pattern of settlement in New South Wales. A drift of population away from the major urban areas of the central coast during the nineteen-seventies contributed to a renewal of population growth in several parts of the state which had experienced long periods of relative stagnation and decline, and to a dramatic fall-off in the growth rates of the big cities. The present paper examines this trend in more detail, focussing in particular on those non-metropolitan areas which have experienced either a turnaround from decline to growth in recent years or an acceleration of their rates of growth (Figure 1I. Three sets of issues are addressed. First, an attempt is made to assess the extent of "demographic revival" outside the metropolitan core. Second, the various new settlement forms are described and attributed to the particular groups of people whose activities have created them, and, finally, an examination is made of the implications for society of the new forms of development described.