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This report was originally published as Cox, PF, Precipitation regimes of the Illawarra and adjacent highlands, Wollongong Studies in Geography No.12, Department of Geography, University of Wollongong, 1980, 4p.


The South Coast and Highlands area of the IIlawarra has a temperate marine climate which fits within Koppen's classification of climatic regimes as the type Cfb. As far as precipitation is concerned, Koppen's f modifier denotes a region with a moist climate and no dry season; that is, rainfall is well distributed across the seasons of the year. While these characteristics apply to the IIlawarra region as a whole (and in fact to most of south-eastern New South Wales and eastern Victoria), there are important variations in precipitation within the region, and in addition there are quite marked variations in precipitation on a year-by-year basis. This paper examines the factors which produce these variations in space and time.