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This report was originally published as Bryant, EA, Local climatic processes in the Illawarra region, Wollongong Studies in Geography No.11, Department of Geography, University of Wollongong, 1980, 4p.


the climate of the Illawarra apart from that found in Sydney or on the far south coast. Global air circulation Is generated by the necessity to balance the heat surplus at the equator with the deficit at the poles caused by the differential heating effect of the sun with latitude. Superimposed on this general circulation are secondary circulation effects such as high and low pressure cells, cyclones, and fronts. These effects are generated by regional heating or cooling effects over land and water and are controlled in position seasonally by the apparent migration of the sun. On a local scale, air circulation patterns can be generated by differential heating and cooling caused by topographic effects such as mountains, valleys, landsea boundaries and the works of man. Local climatic processes in the lIIawarra can be discussed under 5 headings as follows: 1. Sea breezes 2. Gravity or katabatic winds 3. Slope or anabatic winds 4. Foehn winds 5. Industrialization effects