The role of public policy in biological control: Some global trends



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Wellings, P. W. (1996). The role of public policy in biological control: Some global trends. Entomophaga, 41 (3-Apr), 435-441.


The past decade has been a rapid development in the view that contemporary agricultural practices should meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. This philosophy has broadened the priorities for research and development in primary production systems. Now there is reduced emphasis on efficiency and productivity, and an increased concern for ecological sustainability. This has had an impact on policies relating to biological control technologies and associated policies have been developed to enhance the uptake of biopesticides. At the same time international agreements on climate change, biodiversity and global trading have potential influences on the use of biological control agents and biological technologies. In this review some of these trends in public policy are highlighted as well as the likely effect they may have in the adoption, implementation and ongoing development of biological control technologies.

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