UOW College provides a supportive learning environment where students build skills and knowledge through our delivery of quality English language teaching and testing, vocational courses and academic pathway programs. As an integral and strategic unit of the University of Wollongong, UOW College enables our students to meet their personal, educational and career goals.


Papers from 2017

Re-thinking the style of written examinations for better quality responses, Pranit Anand

An updated global review of solutional weathering processes and forms in quartz sandstones and quartzites, Robert A. Wray and Francesco Sauro

Papers from 2016

Using an online, open Internet examination to discourage plagiarism and encourage learning, Pranit Anand

Using institution specific Professional Recognition and Development Framework to engage with industry-wide CPD frameworks (PRDF), Pranit Anand, Patricia Myjavec, and Penny Podimatopoulos

Papers from 2015

Authentic Assessments for Engagement, Pranit Anand

Authentic assessments for promoting inclusivity and computing mindset, Pranit Anand

Papers from 2014

Ensuring consistency in inclusive teaching practices, Pranit Anand


Research framework on employee skills development through competency based curriculum and assessment, Fazluz Zaman and S Rizvi

Papers from 2013

Using a digital story book as assessment for learning to address diversity and promote a computing mindset, Pranit Anand

Workshop on teaching Asian learners in Australian classrooms, Pranit Anand

Learning from Confucian values to inform Australian teaching practices, Pranit Anand and Didi Kello

Papers from 2012

Asian Learners in Western Classrooms, Pranit Anand