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In March 2015, regional Pacific stakeholders and Governments engaged in collaborative planning to establish a new direction in the management of Coastal Fisheries1. A New Song for Coastal Fisheries: Pathways to Change calls for a “ and innovative approach to dealing with declines in coastal fisheries resources and related ecosystems”2. A New Song is an important step forward for coastal fisheries management across a complex and diverse region. This Paper argues that a strategic and integrated approach to capacity development, learning and training will support its full implementation. The paper makes five recommendations designed to strengthen community-based ecosystem approaches to fisheries management (CEAFM) across the region by adopting a capacity development approach as an integrated strategy, to develop capacity in CEAFM in information, management, monitoring and enforcement functions, from community to national government. Furthermore, the paper argues on the basis of stakeholder experience, for a long-term commitment to learning that is conductive to sustainable, iterative change, and is backed up by regional and national coordination that allows for sharing of data and learning across the many stakeholders and promoting organisations that are engaged in the training and learning space. When training is the chosen learning methodology, then adapting and contextualising the approach to yield robust learning outcomes is essential, and this means care in design, the delivery approach and attention to learning transfer. As a resource-constrained environment, the paper argues that this makes it even more critical that every training and learning initiative in coastal fisheries management is targeted and as effective as possible, and supported by an evidence base that uses evaluation and other data to drive ongoing improvement in the approach. This is particularly critical given the diversity of communities and government organisations involved.



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Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS), University of Wollongong

Empowering Community-Based Ecosystem Approaches to Fisheries Management: Strategies for Effective Training and Learning