Article Title

"Communists and Conspiracies"


Doreen Borrow


Let me first thank those who organised this seminar and who invited me to speak. The eclectic mixture of those who have attended and those who have already made a contribution, the young, the not so young and the old have made for a very interesting and informative time and given me much to mull over. Many of the contributions you have heard and will hear during this seminar have a scholarly character. My education was extremely limited. I do not hold any degrees let alone a PhD. My formal schooling ended at primary school level and what education I have I obtained in the school of hard knocks and the University of Life. I am an old Bolshie, defined by some as an unreconstructed Stalinist, who has spent more than half a century working at grass roots level in an unsuccessful attempt to change this unjust and inequitable society in which most of us who inhabit Planet Earth live.