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Setting Up of the Wollongong Women’s Centre


Val Dolan


I n the late 1970s representatives of eleven groups of Illawarra women met to discuss the need for a place that provided feminist services to women. Other cities had such places ... Sydney and Newcastle … but Wollongong had nothing. One of the things we did was liaise with some of those people and find out they set their centres up. The setting up of the Wollongong Women’s Centre in Stewart Street, Wollongong was a remarkable effort on the part of an energetic group of disparate (and sometimes desperate) women. It took just a year from the thought to the reality – April 1979 to April 1980, and this year was packed with activity from individuals, small groups and the larger body. Now I’ve learnt something tonight, the Working Women’s Charter group had probably been thinking about for it a bit longer, but I’m going to talk about when those eleven groups got together.