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Illawarra Unity: Introduction 2002


Welcome to this special edition of Unity focusing on the Wollongong Women’s Information Centre (WWIC) and feminism in Wollongong. This year the WWIC will have achieved 23 years of commitment to feminist activity within this community. At a forum on the early history of the Wollongong Women’s Information Centre in October, members of the Illawarra Branch of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History enjoyed lively presentations by Irene Arrowsmith and Val Dolan (Newsham), who were both passionately involved with the Women’s Centre in its formative years. By request this issue of Illawarra Unity reproduces Irene and Val’s speeches and an edited version of the ensuing conversation. Also reproduced is a speech, given by Lenore Armour in 1982. Lenore’s speech is dedicated to the memory of Ruby Makula, whose dedication to feminism is fondly remembered by many of the women involved with WWIC and its early history. The edition also includes some information on resources for those interested in researching the WWIC and comments by the editor of this edition.