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Illawarra Unity: Editorial December 2000


This is the second issue of Illawarra Unity for 2000. It includes three articles. The first is a reminiscence by one of our members, Doreen Borrow. The second, is the essay with which another of our members, Jo Kowalczyk, won the Paddy Troy Memorial Prize in Labour History from the Perth Branch of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History. This was awarded at the 6th National Labour History Conference in Wollongong in October 1999. Jo’s comparison of the 1890 and 1998 maritime disputes is very apt. Finally, we continue the serialisation begun in the last issue of Shirley Nixon’s BA Hons. thesis which provides an historical account of the early years of the South Coast Labour Council. This is an important historical document in its own right, concerning a very important labour institution.