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Tide Edition 9


Writers are very much united in their love of stories; however, it is important to note that we are unique in temperament, influence, style, taste and attitude. We’d be lying if we told you that the process of producing Tide was all peaches and lavender. Tide is difficult. It is the clash of creative opinions, perspectives and goals—as diverse as we are as people. Despite the struggle, it was the culmination and transcendence of these aspects which gives rise to Tide: something unique in both the experience and the finished product. Tide is a foray into the scary world of organised creativity. It’s mighty hopeful to ask creative writers to take on the roles of editors, designers, fundraisers and production managers. We may have eaten far more Caramello Koalas than any human should consume, and did not receive the recommended eight hours of sleep per night, but we reached the finish line and are proud to present to you the ninth edition of Tide. This year we have asked contributors to explore the theme of ‘endings’. The finality of such a topic is sometimes dark, sometimes nostalgic and often illuminating. It encompasses the cyclic nature of not only the writing process but also of life. While we may never re-friend each other on Facebook, we will always have our memories and, like us, you will always have Tide.