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Tide Edition 8


For the first few days it seemed perfectly possible to pull together a literary journal in ten weeks — starting with no submissions, no design layout, and no money. After ten weeks of pressure and doom, it at last seems possible again. We’d like you to meet the 2011 edition of Tide. Look into the cover and tell us what you see. There are no wrong answers. Except for the one you’re thinking of. 2011 brings the largest Tide issue yet — in scope as well as pure size. Its cover strains to hold in pieces from local writers as well as interstate and international offerings. From poetry to prose to monologue, from coming of age tales to affairs with refrigerators, Tide has it covered. We’ve put together an issue where, we feel, even the most eccentric reader can find something written just for them. We were attracted to pieces that blurred boundaries and looked at familiar themes in a new way. You’ll find pieces that mix teen angst with text adventure brushing up against twisted interpretations of romantic bliss. Our contributors will carry you wide-eyed to the roar and grit of the streets of Saigon, to Bali’s exotic shores, and back again with unexpected homegrown tales. These pieces will cause you to look again, seeing some new quirk that you’d swear wasn’t there the first time. So look at the cover again. Really? That’s interesting. Now tell me about your mother...