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Tide - Edition VI


Editors' Note - For some time now, esteemed Readers, there has been a considerable lack of Victorian verbosity and pomposity in the realm of student publications. Such collections are often too earnest and self-aware, and as a result the once respectable name of 'Youth' in the modern literary canon has become inglorious. The only way in which to remedy this situation is with a healthy dose of Ganderax. Consider this journal to be the first stride towards a new ideal. Both the prose and poesy found betwixt these stiffened covers shall be a golden orb of inspiration for a new generation of literary sensibility. Our band of jocund wordsmiths can feel no greater pride in a success such as this. Elementary! As the Tide ebbs and flows, let this be seen as the highest watermark: the one that claims the shoreline. In the name of Literature, Dr Dog Watson, Esq.