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Tide issue three


Editorial - Ticka Ticka Ticka Boom, TIDE talks the talk, tops the pops, tells both truths and twists taboos, tattoos the tempo o/life on the temples a/humanity: TIDE is a tripped-out trick that trunks the funk at five bucks a thrash. Compiled by third-year editing students, TIDE is collection of creative writing and artwork solicited from University of Wollongong students and beyond. It is a publication showcasing a broad range of what creative writing has to offer; a publication which, in time, we hope will become an ongoing anthology of emerging talent. As writers and editors, our aim is to show how poetry, prose and script have the power to shape our perception of reality - to inspire, educate and emancipate. The production of TIDE, while trying at times, has worked to re-emphasise the importance of creative passion in an increasingly pragmatic world. We have learnt that brilliance is rarely achieved alone and our successes are owed to the effort and compromise of our fellow editors, writers and artists who have worked together to make this publication possible. You hold in your hands: TIDE 2006