Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Faculty of Business and Management


The academic study of country reputation is still relatively limited and new. This doctoral research investigates the impact of country reputation and corporate reputation in the e-government context in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The transformational approach adopted by the UAE government and their leadership specifies the future directions through their vision and strategic objectives to assure the country’s competitiveness among other countries around the world. The ultimate vision and goal of the country is to leverage the well-being and happiness of its citizens through government services in different government fields including e-government services. Thus, this research investigates the effect of country and corporate reputation on customer loyalty, customer happiness and overall happiness thorough the quality of the e-government services provided.

A mixed method approach was used in this research starting with an exploratory study using qualitative methodology (Phase 1) by conducting interviews and a focus group. This was followed by a quantitative study (Phase 2) using structural equation modeling for the data collected through questionnaires. In phase 1 of the research design, the sample consisted of twelve decision makers in government organizations (including ministries and managers). In addition, seven customers who used e-government services were asked about their perceptions about country and corporate reputation and customers’ outcomes.



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