Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Physics and Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials


The body of this thesis comprises seven chapters, including four research chapters (Chapters 3–6) which are preceded by a chapter of background and a chapter of physical principles of experimental techniques and are followed by a concluding chapter which provides a perspective that contextualizes all of this submitted work.

The first substantive part of this thesis consists of Chapter 3. This detailed work is concerned with Raman spectra of Aerographite, graphite oxide, kish graphite and graphite flakes, investigated with different laser excitation energies. The Raman spectra all exhibit the typical graphitic features of the G, D, Dʹ and 2D bands. The D and 2D bands show a “blue-shift” with laser excitation energy, EL, while the G bands are invariant. The dependence of the intensity ratio ID/IG on λ𝐿𝐿4 is linear for graphite flakes and kish graphite, while it saturates at the longest λL for Aerographite and graphite oxide. An explanation of this unexpected behavior is sought within the double resonant Raman scattering model, considering the disorder-induced broadening of peaks in the phonon density of states...

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