Degree Name

Master of Philosophy


School of Electrical, Computer, and Telecommunications Engineering


Remote Area Power Supply (RAPS) systems can play an effective role to supply electric power to the rural and remote communities, since these areas are usually far from the central utility grid. RAPS systems are usually powered by non-renewable sources. Due to growing environmental concern as well as improving infrastructures, renewable sources have become more economic. However, renewable resources are intermittent in nature, and can therefore cause reliability concern in the RAPS system. It imperative to consider ways to increase the reliability of the RAPS system powered by the renewable sources. This research aims to propose innovative strategies to improve the reliability of RAPS systems and to meet up the challenges that come with the higher level of renewable energy penetration.

The contribution of this thesis is to improve the reliability of RAPS system with focus on two aspects: improving dynamic stability with support from wind energy conversion system (WECS) and maintenance of WECS components.



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