Degree Name

Masters of Philosophy


School of Humanities and Social Inquiry


This case study is an investigation of the Ambassadors of White Ribbon Australia. These men are activists seeking to prevent men’s violence against women. White Ribbon Australia is part of the social movement to end violence against women, specifically men’s violence against women. Drawing mostly on an online survey (n = 296) and complemented with in-depth interviews (n = 86), this research considers how men maintain their contribution to preventing violence against women by offering an analysis of the motivations, challenges, and personal perspectives of a representative sample of men within White Ribbon Australia. Additionally, the case study examines who these men are demographically and how their involvement with White Ribbon Australia has changed them. Through the combination of interviews and a survey, viewed through the lens of social movement theory, a narrative of men’s development and involvement as agents of change will emerge. This research will produce practical and applied sociological knowledge about what inspires and maintains men’s motivation and commitment while overcoming challenges. The practical knowledge gained from this research will contribute to increasing men’s impact as agents of change, the number of men involved in this work, and the efficacy in White Ribbon Australia as well as other anti-violence against women organisations, both nationally and internationally.



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