Practical Revocable Cryptographic Schemes for Cloud-Based Applications



Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of School of Computing and Information Technology


Cloud computing has been widely recognised as one of the most influential information technologies because of its intrinsic resource-sharing and low maintenance characteristics. In spite of its widely recognised benefits, cloud users lose the direct control of their data and rely on the cloud servers to manage, which raises significant security to be one of the major barriers to the adoption of cloud. The cloud security problems mainly originate from the fact that the cloud providers are usually operated by commercial service providers which are often outside the trusted domain of the users. Therefore, it is desirable to apply practical security approaches to address the security risks for the wide adoption of cloud computing. In this thesis, we focus on the study of practical revocable cryptographic systems for ensuring some essential security properties, including confidentiality, access control and authenticity in cloud computing.



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