Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Computing and Information Technology


Agent negotiation is a method of compromise between intelligent agents to reach a bi-beneficial agreement over negotiated issues. In the last two decades, agent negotiation has led to great achievements. However, most of the researchers focused on single negotiation, where only one negotiation is involved. Little work has been done on addressing challenging research issues in multiple negotiations, where multiple interdependent negotiations are involved. Multiple Concurrent Negotiations (MCN) indicate one of the multiple negotiations scenarios, where multiple negotiations with interdependent issues are concurrently conducted. This thesis aims at: (1) investigating some significant challenging research issues in MCN, and (2) developing novel solutions for the reported challenges in order to effectively handling MCN.

This thesis tries to solve five challenges in MCN, which are: (1) handling the issue interdependency across MCN, (2) handling the concurrency in MCN, (3) developing protocols for MCN in a dynamic changing negotiation environment, (4) designing negotiation procedures for MCN, and (5) handling social factors of MCN in an agent society.



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