Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Institute of Superconducting and Electronic Materials


Over the past ten years, interfacial materials system, superwettability with water and oil, have been widely studied and utilized in practical applications such as self-cleaning, oil/water separation, water collection, anti-fogging, and anti-icing. Although the materials with superwettability show excellent performance of applications compared with the traditional methodology, they still suffer from various disadvantages including poor durability, high cost and complex preparation method. So, design and simple fabrication of advanced superwettability materials with low cost, good chemical and mechanical stability are of significance in environmental safety, water resource shortage, and other domains. Furthermore, new interfacial materials system, liquid metal/liquid/solid type wettability, has been attracted increasing attentions in recent years due to the unique and superior chemical properties of room temperature liquid metals. New applications and phenomena have been explored in the field of electronics, optics, fluid dynamics, and robots.



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