Degree Name

Master of Research


School of Mechanical, Materials, Mechatronic and Biomedical Engineering


As the popularisation of electronical devices around the world, the development of micro system has attracted the attention of the researchers. The obvious advantages such as saving energy and portability make micro forming process becomes the rising start in manufacturing industry. Although the micro forming process shows a great potential, it still has significant barriers. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the effects of relevant parameters in micro forming process. One of the most significant barriers for micro forming process is size effect, which may be influenced by various factors such as the thickness of materials, lubrication and surface roughness. This study mainly focuses on the impact of holding time in heat treatment process on the properties of materials after the micro forming process. Moreover, due to the mechanical properties of composite material, Cu-Al-Cu laminate composite material is applied in this study. The results demonstrate that the Cu-Al-Cu laminate composite material that experiences 10-minute holding time in heat treatment process can gain better properties, which involves strength, plasticity and formability. Furthermore, a simulation model of the micro forming process is developed in this study and the results of simulation are also compared with the experimental results.



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