Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Health and Society


Child to parent violence (CPV) occurs globally with broad ranging implications for family members. Studies investigating personal factors of the child and the parent experiencing violence are prominent. However, there is limited research specific to understanding parents’ narratives of violence, help-seeking and responses from practitioners.

This research is guided by a feminist new material onto-epistemology. The theoretical framework for this research incorporates response-based practice and intra-action. This research has three main overarching aims:

  1. To capture and articulate the narrativised accounts of parents experiencing child to parent violence including help-seeking.
  2. To identify pathways parents’ utilise when seeking help for child to parent violence.
  3. To explore the responses of practitioners, including social workers, when working with people experiencing child to parent violence.

FoR codes (2020)

4409 Social work

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