Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Medical, Indigenous and Health Sciences


Suboptimal diet is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity and the delivery of nutrition care through health systems is a key strategy to support population dietary improvements. Nutrition care refers to “any practice conducted by a health professional in an attempt to improve the nutrition behaviour and subsequent health outcomes of an individual” and has been shown to improve patient outcomes, often with reduced risk, side effects and costs when compared with pharmacological interventions.

Medical doctors, in particular general practitioners (GPs), are well-placed to support nutrition care, in part due to their regular contact with their patients, which also provides opportunities for referral to other nutrition services, such as dietitians, when further expertise is required. However, nutrition education in medical training remains inadequate regardless of country, setting, or year of training, and this remains a pervasive barrier to the implementation of nutrition care.

FoR codes (2020)

3901 Curriculum and pedagogy, 3903 Education systems, 3210 Nutrition and dietetics, 390110 Medicine, nursing and health curriculum and pedagogy

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