Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Intelligent Polymer Research Institute


Biodegradable implantable medical bionics can be used to diagnose and/or treat disease and eventually disappear without surgical removal. If an “external” energy source is required for effective operation, then a biocompatible/biodegradable battery would be ideal.

This thesis is focused on the development of biocompatible/biodegradable air cathode materials and polymer electrolytes for implantable Mg-air batteries. Bioresorbable Mg alloy serves as the anode because of its benign biological function and high theoretical capacity. Polypyrrole with excellent electroactivity and biocompatibility satisfies the requirements for cathodes. To obviate its inherent non-biodegradability, a biopolymer component affording biodegradability is introduced in forming a composite. Polymer electrolyte is desirable to fabricate miniaturized Mg-air batteries. The biopolymer-ionic liquid polymer electrolyte can achieve both high ionic conductivity and biodegradability.



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