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Doctor of Education


Faculty of Education


For learners, the organizing and planning process for structuring information is sometimes more important than developing knowledge itself. This idea, although not new, is continually gaining popularity as one of the basic principles of a social constructivist paradigm.

This research reports on an investigation into how learners can use genre templates as cognitive tools for the writing process. These technology based tools helped learners produce more organized and structured texts, especially when the information was represented in multiple modes (video, audio, text and data). This study was based upon the contention that technology-based templates can enhance learning outcomes, especially for learners with poor metacognitive strategies. Using the technology tools provided as support in a complex information landscape, learners were more able to synthesise the data into meaningful knowledge and concepts. If learners are aware of their metacognitive processes when using interactive multimedia products they further understand the relevance of developing and refining metacognitive skills and strategies for learning.

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