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Doctor of Creative Arts


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The written and illustrative material contained herein is confirmation of the work carried out through exhibitions and associated Visual Arts work which forms the basis of the submission.

The written document, covers historical, thematic, technical, philosophical and creative aspects of work based on four exhibitions of paintings and associated written, illustrative, photographic and visual research work.

Exhibitions of paintings were held at:

* The Town Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland Paintings on the theme Genius Loci (Sense of Place) Nov/Dec 1990

* The Solander Gallery, Deakin, ACT Sense of Place paintings Feb/March 1991

* Wright College, UNE-Armidale, NSW Paintings and poetry defining A sense of Place Jan/Feb 1992

* The Town Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland Symbiosis of time and place Nov/Dec 1992

In total, approximately 100 paintings and connected items on the theme of the 'transportation of the sense of place' were exhibited. In the final exhibition seven major works contained ideas and important and original aspects of the project researched.

The illustrations, in the form of scanned and coloured photographic images, are in part a record of the major painted works themselves as well as parallel ideas concerned with re-defined characteristics of the sense of place transported between the United Kingdom and Australia.

Painting commenced in 1990. It has been necessary in this documentation to refer to earlier articulations of place concepts in order that the relationships between past and present thematic interpretations are identified.

References to works of 'poetical nature' (Nash 1938, p.526) come from research into British Romantic painting and literature especially of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and subsequently a crossover has developed in the linkage between painting concepts and developing work carried out into visual aspects of environmental design.

Early activities as artist to an English new town development corporation, as a designer, and later on as an art consultant to the re-development of an important Australian urban site, have played their part in helping to discover new expressions of the characteristics of place. Ideas concerned with the 'transportation of place' have grown from personal experiences of migration and developing understandings of crosscultural activity in the United Kingdom and in Australia.

Generally the thesis is concerned with place experienced in parts of Southern England and the Eastern States of Australia. There is no formal reference to Aboriginal art only to art in the Euro/British tradition.

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