Degree Name

Doctor of Creative Arts


School of Creative Arts


This documentation gives support to the work displayed in the two exhibitions of paintings and drawings, which form the basis of the submission for the Degree.

Included in the document is a full photographic record of the exhibitions, with an analysis of each work.

The painting projects were begun in the second half of 1983, and though the two subject sources might appear at first glance to be some distance apart, it became clear, during the execution of the works, that substantial relationships existed between the thematic and formal elements of the two series.

It is certain that a period of research in Italy and Europe, in late 1983 and early 1984, had its part to play in the linkage between this work, and that of the Medieval and Renaissance artists, and particularly in the return to the human figure as subject, depicted in more explicit terms than in m y earlier abstract works.

The written submission is a detailed account of the physical, technical, structural and symbolic elements in the works from the two exhibitions. It is an investigation of creative intentionality, and of process, by analysis of completed work. The result is a revelation of the mental, sensual, intuitive and reasoned activities of an artist, through an examination of his own created images on a surface.



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