Degree Name

Doctor of Creative Arts


School of Creative Arts


journals of a stranger: documents of a life, is a fictional diary of an unknown and unnamed person. The work is a discontinuous, dual narrative. Within its six parts the reader is given clues and insights to the nature of the diarist.

The work is primarily concerned to investigate the notion of a 'life'. Specifically, the ways in which such a metaphor is expressed both visually, and within written text. The significant areas explored-visual and written expressions of intimacy, representations of gender, the renderings of landscape and the use of journey as theme-are the vantage points from which this 'life' is viewed. It is axiomatic that on each viewing the nuance will have changed.

journals of a stranger is a work that draws on the disciplines of writing and photography. A central aspect of the work is the interplay of image with text. In that sense, the work uses an interdisciplinary structure, exploring the tensions, and/or relatedness, of sequences of images interspersed with a fragmented, fictional text.



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