Degree Name

Doctor of Creative Arts


Faculty of Creative Arts


This document examines a number of works produced from 1990-1999. The works discussed are Houndstooth, Starlite, Gray Spectra, Trace of Passage and Lifting the Sky.

The interconnections between time, space and memory are analysed through exploring the broader concern of the primacy of personal experience creative process.

I critically analyse the pictorial structures in the paintings of Piet Mondrian. This analysis sets up the subsequent analysis of pictorial structures that within my own work. Within Mondrian's development I show how each visual shift away from pictorialism embodied not only a complex of ideas, visual language that has become foundational in the structure of my own pictorial order.

Gray Spectra is the primary body of work under investigation within document. The structural and spatial concerns deployed in Gray Spectra are explored via the metaphor of the huntmingbird. The hummingbird is a symbol connecting the two main threads that Gray Spectra brings together. The narratives within Gray Spectra embody the themes of time, space and Their lines of connection are drawn in the form of a personal narrative.

The subjert of landscape within Lifting the Sky is scrutinised through experience and the memory of spatial and temporal representations. Within Lifting the Sky, I reflect upon the relationship between the body the ways in which we respond to space and inhabit space.

Each chapter within this document offers a specific focus which, when brought together as a whole, weaves an analysis which aims to provide an understanding of the many processes involved in my creative practice.



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