Degree Name

Doctor of Creative Arts


Faculty of Creative Arts


The focal point of this DCA thesis is the development of an original body of creative audio and audiovisual work gravitating around computer-assisted compositional environments. Integral to this is an exploration of my acoustic, electroacoustic and audiovisual works generated through intensive investigations into computer music software. This written documentation supports the major part of the DCA submission, a folio of nine original compositions. Its purpose is to chronicle, typify, and contextualise the creation of these works, to galvanise the aesthetic foundations of the pieces and to illustrate compositional techniques that I have developed during my DCA candidature. The structure of this exegesis is in two parts that support the research methodology of reflective investigation. In part one I will present an overview of influences, aesthetics and conceptual ideology pivotal to my compositional process. In part two I will put forth and analyse each of the compositions in the creative folio, discussing numerous creative applications applied to computer music software.

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