Degree Name

Doctor of Creative Arts


Faculty of Creative Arts


Usually people's inner emotions can be touched by the visual and acoustic arts. These two artistic genres appear to have significant differences. My own aesthetic perceives that the two arts share common concepts, a perception I have arrived at through my Eastern background and Western educational discipline. This thesis expounds my creative philosophy through transforming Joan Miró's works of visual art into six of my musical compositions. Miró's artistic ideas, procedures, designs, and philosophies allow me to evolve and extend my musical compositions and express my innermost sensibility to echo his "sound". The thesis is in four parts: Introduction, Identification, Progression and Conclusion. The introduction recounts my personal quest to seek the "painterly" factors within music, and ponder cultural distinctions. "Identification" fiirther describes my "Oriental facet" and discusses the interactive relationship between painting and music. "Progression" covers the notion of the creative process: the "Behold," "Decode" and "Toward" in my music creations. Each of them involves the exploration of my creative ideas that are linked to Miró's visual images and are illustrated by the analysis of music examples. Ultimately, the conclusion reviews my creative journey.



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