Degree Name

Master of Engineering - Research


Faculty of Engineering


Aim of this research was to develop a computer based mathematical model of motor vehicle dynamics. Mainly the tire, suspension and chassis behaviour have been modelled in detail. Other components like engine and drive train are modeled in a very simplified manner. The model provides steer, throttle and brake controls as the means to drive the vehicle.

Driving instructions can be given manually one at a time, or they can all be listed in a file as a driver program, which the model will follow to drive the vehicle. The model is implemented using MATLAB programming environment. It simulates vehicle behaviour by doing calculations in small time steps of &#;t seconds. Typical values of &#;t are 5 to10 milliseconds. It produces a large results matrix, containing values of many variables. These values are used to generate various plots and analyze the vehicle behaviour. The program is also capable of generating track geometries and plot vehicle travel path on it.

Results of the model are tested against the test data obtained from the University of Wollongong FSAE race car. The testing confirmed that the overall accuracy of the results is well within acceptable limits.

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