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Customs maritime surveillance history has been influenced by numerous reports that often identified the need for management changes or infrastructure changes. This thesis analyses the evolution of the Australian Customs Services' role in Australia's maritime surveillance and border protection. The analysis framework is built around policy, financial and legal influences and developments. The thesis recommends implementing a comprehensive harmonized strategy for early detection and effective responses. This thesis argues that there are only two organisations capable of sustaining an effective maritime surveillance and enforcement capacity and they are the Australian Customs Service (Customs) and the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The suggestion that a single Australian coastguard organisation is another option is analysed in this thesis and discounted. The thesis looks at Customs evolution in maritime surveillance and border protection from pre-Federation to mid 2005 and forecasts some alternatives that could advance maritime surveillance and protection policy. This thesis is important because competing world priorities, including terrorism versus trade, in turn, can lead to rapid policy competition for government funding, which can lead to poor policy choices.

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