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Master of Creative Arts


Faculty of Creative Arts


The seed is a symbol of fertility and as in the case of Sue Norrie's paintings of the earlier nineteen eighties, the seed is a symbol of abundance.[2] Fertility, abundance, ritual, the theatre of emotions and metaphysics: still life - the content of which has passed through many visual forms. It is this genre of painting that has permitted women in Australia to become 'great painters'. Ironically enough, the subject matter of still life has also been the traditional, feminine space which surrounds what was always seen to be 'low-plane reality' and therefore a lesser form of painting. It appears that there have always been excellent women painters and in post-colonial Australia, it has been through explorations surrounding the table-top, that women have surfaced and excelled as great artists dealing with the ordinary and everyday, inspiring many other women to pursue explorations in paint, making something of the object by giving it profound meaning.



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