Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Faculty of Education


Computer related technology is increasingly used in society today, and has impacted in various ways on classrooms across the world. In New South Wales, Australia, there has been an increasing emphasis on teaching using information and communication technology (ICT), and in particular the Internet. Previous research has suggested that few teachers are significantly integrating ICT into their class teaching and learning activities (Oberg & Gibson, 1999; Robertson, Grady, Fluck, & Webb, 2006). This study has investigated how the Internet was used to support teaching and learning in primary school classrooms. Case study methodology was used for the study to provide an in depth view of how some teachers have integrated the use of the Internet into their classroom teaching and learning activities. Data for this study were collected from four public primary schools in New South Wales, during one ten week school term. The study focused on students in Years 3 to 6 in five classes as well as on their class teachers. The study found that while all of the teachers used the Internet to some degree to support teaching and learning activities in the classroom this was done in various ways and with varying success. In particular, ICT infrastructure, access and use varied between classes and schools. Also of importance were the pedagogical aspects of integrating Internet technology into the classroom teaching program. The implications stemming from this research include the need to offer more professional development on how to integrate ICT into class teaching for teachers as well as providing them with ready access to online resources and adequate ICT infrastructure.

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