Degree Name

Masters by Research


School of Mechanical, Materials and Mechatronic Engineering - Faculty of Engineering


This thesis concentrates on the modeling and simulation of a multi-degree of freedom 3-axle rigid truck. The linear model features cab and seat suspensions, rigid live axles, and suspension geometries. The Lagrange's equation was used to obtain the motion equations and system matrices, and the numerical central difference method was adopted to obtain the system responses subject to sinusoidal road excitations, programmed in MATLAB. Furthermore, the eigenvectors, the seat bounce acceleration, the maximum dynamic tyre loads and the maximum suspension dynamic deflections were studied. ADAMS/View was then used to conveniently reexamine the model in the virtual environment as validation. Some advanced simulations such as sweep sine and triangular bump excitation were also conducted in ADAMS. As a result, some very important characteristics of this particular truck were revealed which can be used either to better understand the vehicle dynamic performance or to improve the original design specifications.

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