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Doctor of Philosophy


Faculty of Engineering


Thailand is well recognised for its high potential as an agricultural country and major food supplier. It provides a major source of agricultural product and agricultural manufacturing based industries. The most important sector is the food processing industry. This area is the most important sub-sector in Thai industry. The value in exports in the year 2002 was approximately 14.4% of the country’s total GDP. However, a high potential for growth still exists.

Food production in Thailand is based on local agricultural raw materials, comprising of fruit and vegetables, cereal and oils, fish and livestock and provides employment to 20 million people within the agricultural and food processing sector. This thesis discusses the characteristics of the Thai food processing industry and suggests an appropriate manufacturing strategy model is needed in order for it to achieve manufacturing excellence.

This study presents a classification of the Thai agricultural industry and compares one of its sectors, the agricultural manufacturing industry with another industrial sector viz. the electrical/electronic industry. The thesis investigates both industries contribution and reveals why the food processing industry is important for Thailand. After an overall analysis of the industry and its importance, the results of a survey of 350 food processing companies are compared, including characteristics of the Thai food processing industry, the focus of manufacturing strategies and the implementation of manufacturing practices.

Based on this, and in order to assist the Thai food processing industry to achieve manufacturing excellence, the thesis then develops an integrated model combining GMP, HACCP, TPM and TQM, and provides guideline for their implementation.

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