Degree Name

Master of Engineering - Research


School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering - Faculty of Informatics


An original ultra-wideband (UWB) physical layer (PHY) specification is developed and implemented in digital logic. The novelty of this UWB PHY is based on a combination of complementary code division multiplexing (CCDM), which yields a low-interference signal with a variable process gain, and multicode interleaved direct sequence (MCIDS) spreading, which provides an additional fixed process gain as well as multipath robustness. To operate at the high sample rates needed for UWB, the digital logic, realized in a Virtex-II field programmable gate array (FPGA), has a highly-pipelined architecture for real-time signal processing. In addition, the gate count is minimized by avoiding the use of explicit buffer memory wherever possible. The performance of the transceiver is analyzed under a variety of UWB channels and impairments. It is concluded that the proposed UWB PHY offers robust performance in real-world environments and that it is viable for use in future communication systems.

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