Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Graduate School of Medicine


There has been a great change in medicine and medical education both before and after 20th Century. The purpose of the changes was to better treat the diseases of the time. During different time periods before 20th century different nations in different parts of the world showed landmark changes in medicine (Spyros & Panagiotis, 1999). In medical education reform a report presented by Abraham Flexner could be considered as a landmark step (Munger, 1968). The context in which this report was produced still seems to be relevant and a model for world (Amin et al., 2010; Danforth, 1969). Besides six other recommendations Flexner emphasized the selection of appropriate candidates for health profession (Markel, 2010). While elaborating on improvement of the health care delivery in 20th century Frenk et al. (2010) also emphasised the redesigning of selection processes in medical schools.



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