Degree Name

Master of Philosophy


School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering


Linewidth enhancement factor, also known as the alpha factor, is a fundamental characteristic parameter of a laser diode (LD). It characterises the broadening of the laser linewidth, the frequency chirp, the injection lock range and the response to external optical feedback. In the past few decades, extensive researches have been dedicated to the measurement of alpha. Among all the existing approaches, the methods based on selfmixing interferometry (SMI) are considered the most simple and effective. The core components of a SMI consist of an LD, a lens and a moving target. When a portion of laser light backscattered or reflected by the external target and re-enters the laser cavity, a modulated lasing field will be generated. The modulated laser power is also called SMI signal, which carries the information of target movement and LD related parameters, including alpha.