Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering


This thesis outlines the development of a landslide inventory and a series of large scale slide and flow category landslide susceptibility zoning models for the wider Sydney Basin study area as well as for the Wollongong Local Government Area in NSW, Australia. With these zoning maps, this project has produced a series of planning tools to facilitate the implementation of the AGS (2007) Landslide Risk Management (LRM) guidelines within government. The structure of the NSW based landslide inventory has been redesigned to adopt the world’s best practise. The enhanced MS Access database schema and the GIS spatial database will facilitate the growth of the inventory for the next 5 to 10 years. This GIS spatial database now includes 1840 landslides in total. These landslides comprise 1,435 slides, 273 flows and 132 falls. In general, nine different GIS based datasets were used in the modelling as the landslide causative factors. The high resolution ALS data and NASA Global DEM are the main datasets utilised to produce the DEM and its derivatives.



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