Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Mechanical, Materials and Mechatronic Engineering


In light of the major shifts in customer preferences, competitive dynamics and certain organisational practices witnessed in recent times, many studies have highlighted the strategic significance of supplier evaluation and selection (SES) decisions. For instance, constantly changing customer requirements, increasing levels of globalisation and growing trends in outsourcing have all made organisations heavily reliant on their suppliers and this has increased the need to become more diligent in the selection of suppliers. In terms of improving organisational performance, SES decisions can play a critical role in reducing overall purchasing costs, as well as maintaining satisfactory delivery lead times and quality standards.

Future research that could be undertaken following the approach proposed in this thesis includes: adapting the proposed model to account for disruption risks, preferably through the addition of a suitable objective function; further validation of the proposed model through applications in other domains such as services and the public sector, as well as extending the two constituent modules to account for other buying situations such as multiple buyers and/or multiple suppliers.