Degree Name

Master of Engineering - Research


Department of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering


This research first attempts to identify the effective parameters in the EMEH and PEH system. These systems with a transducer used in applications as a sensor or an actuator. On the other hand, there is an output interface with electrical circuit and function of converting and regulating AC signal to the DC operational output energy for the load.

The proposed design in chapter five is the result of the study about the effect of input parameters such as input frequency and acceleration to the output voltage and power regarding physical structure of transducers.

The input motion usually is a harmonic movement that could model by sine or cosine wave with mechanical and electrical damping and frequency. In this thesis, we are interested to find resonance frequency of the new engineering composite from piezoelectric materials category for the purpose of optimizing and implementing the device as a hybrid resonance device to generate maximum output with an optimal load. Although, the limitations of simulation and enough information about constitutive parameters of the piezoelectric layer in the datasheet of cantilever plate generates a lot of difficulty in modelling and recognizing of effective parameters to evaluate the design.

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